is Live!

Thursday, Sep 6, 2018

I had a few weeks in which I was waiting for the supplies to arrive in the mail for the rev2 Bloomer keyboards. In this time, I decided to rethink how I’m sharing my content.

In the past, I’ve written blog posts on a personal website, posted build logs to Imgur and GitHub gists, shared photos on Reddit, and recently started posting updates on Keebtalk. In summary, there has been no rhyme or reason to the way in which I’ve shared the progress on my personal projects.

Having wanted to learn more about Hugo, a static website generator built in the Go programming language, I decided that I should come up with a brand name to encompass my projects and publish a website in which I could centralize the content that I share.

So, welcome to CozyKeys!

My goal with this site and the next step in my mechanical keyboard journey in general is to add a bit more polish and professionalism to my projects. So far I have:

  • Designed the Speedo, a keyboard that is only accessible to those willing to get the case laser cut and subsequently handwire the components
  • Designed the Bloomer (Formerly known as the Ergo87/Atreus87), a keyboard that has a PCB but is not yet available for purchase

The next step in my journey is to take a project to the point where I can offer it as a reasonable product to the community. That said, I would still like to provide other value in ways such as publishing honest product reviews and build logs for other vendors’ keyboard that I assemble.

I’m looking forward to having a place and a name under which to publish my content and I’m hoping that you find it useful!