Atreus62 Review

Saturday, Dec 16, 2017

Here is my review of the Atreus62 keyboard after using it as a daily driver for 6 weeks.

Technical details

  • Gateron red switches
  • Cherry Profile PBT keycaps (EnjoyPBT & Gateron blanks)


  • The layout is very comfortable for the most part
    • I love columnar stagger and having multiple keys to press with my thumbs
    • Only two keys are uncomfortable to press
  • Great for gaming
    • The left hand can comfortably rest on WASD
    • Easy to play games with very little to no remapping
  • Compact
    • Previous ergonomic keyboards I used such as the Kinesis Advantage are big and hard to travel with
    • Similar size to a standard 60%
    • Practical to throw in a backpack
    • Easy to have a sleeve made
  • QMK firmware
    • Fully programmable
    • One of my biggest complaints about the Kinesis is that is runs proprietary fimware and I was too lazy to replace the PCB with a stapleton and teensy
    • I can choose what to put on the top layer and put other keys such as arrows and curly braces on lower layers
  • Nice sound and aesthetic
    • The size and hallowness of the advantage makes it sound bad, even after I installed some dampening foam on the inside
    • This board sounds and doesn’t look as crazy


  • Inner-most thumb keys
    • The two 1.5u thumb keys are positioned poorly
    • Don’t need to be 1.5u, makes the profile angle sideways which is less comfortable


  • Highly recommended for those looking for a compact, ergonomic option that can be purchased pre-assembled
  • For those more adventurous and willing to hand-wire their own keyboard, I would recommend something like the Speedo, which I have since designed and improves on the thumb clusters